Student Testimonials

HEALTH & FITNESS                Catherine Pollitt

CHOI KWANG DO.  What an excellent combination of personal benefits. I have just completed my first two months of attending these great exercises classes in West End (above ASDA), with my two children aged 13 and 9 years old.

I have discovered that Choi Kwang Do is a world-class form of fun & enjoyable exercise, where the whole family can train together if they wish, on any week day evening.  It incorporates up to date aerobic fitness training and high intensity workouts in a pleasant and safe environment, whilst at the same time teaching valuable real-life self defence techniques for all.

During classes, I have seen Choi Kwang Do encourage discipline in the young, present a number of invaluable role models for my children as they grow up, and have heard how it has reduced life stress levels in the adults.  All this, together with helping weight loss and muscle tone and conditioning, must be a winning combination!

Choi Kwang Do is a non competitive martial art and was developed by the detailed study of our natural body movements utilising modern scientific principles.  It maximises our bodies’ flexibility and strength, with an emphasis on avoiding over-stressing our muscles and joints.  With regular positive instructor feedback it has been easy to learn.

In addition, since starting Choi Kwang Do in April, I have been delighted to see two minor long term ailments in my hip and shoulder already resolve!

More information is available on their website

Everyone is welcomed.


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